911 Hangup Call Leads Authorities To 80 Pot Plants

GRANT COUNTY, Ark. - Sheriff's deputies in Grant County made quite the discovery last week. A 911 hang up call lead them to dozens of marijuana plans. 
The Grant County Sheriff says this was a sophisticated growth operation that's been going on for quite some time. 
Pictures from the Grant County Sheriff's Department show just how many marijuana plants were found in a home just outside of Prattsville. 
"It was a real surprise," said Grant County sheriff Ray Vance. 
Vance says a 911 hang up call lead them to the home Brenton Shoptaw lived in. When deputies arrived, they smelled a strong marijuana odor and saw plants inside. They then quickly realized this was no amateur operation. 
"[They] had sophisticated grow lights, automatic watering systems, we had video, we had every kind of high tech piece of equipment that was involved in a commercial grow," said Vance. 
The sheriff says there were up to 80 plants, from seedlings, to completely grown out plants. It's something he's never seen in real life. 
"I've seen it on TV, I've seen it in books, I've never seen an actual one of these in operation," said Vance. 
Mary Jane Thornton lives a few doors down from the bust. She was shocked when she saw authorities emptying out the home. 
"I saw them carrying out big plant pots..of pot," explained Thornton. "I was flabbergasted. We had absolutely no idea this was going on." 
As Shoptaw faces charges, the sheriff says he's glad to get a grow like this out of Grant County. 
"He was in the commercial business, he was in the business to make money, and that I have a problem with," said Vance. 


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