Animal Shelter Rescues Dozens of Animals from Floods

SALINE COUNTY, Ark.-- The Humane Society of Saline County was fully staffed this weekend because they're expecting more adoptions than usual.

"You can always feel love whether you look into their eyes and see it or not,"said Director Anne Sanders.

At The Humane Society of Saline County, it goes beyond a man's best friend relationship. It's saving lives.

"They've lost their home. They can't go home," said Sanders.

Executive Director Anne Sanders rescued dozens of animals from flooded Louisiana. All the cats and dogs rescued were ready for adoption.

"We're taking out the adoptable dogs and cats for them. We're freeing up that space," said Sanders.

With free space in Belle Chasse, it allows the Louisiana shelter to rescue stray cats and dogs.

"It feels good to help other people in a time of need," said Sanders.

Anne's daughter, Amanda, says she's gearing up for people to adopt the 15 cats and 11 dogs rescued.

"We're prepared. We have extra helpers coming in to help volunteer," Amanda said.

"You know they have to wonder where they're going and what's going on," Anne said.

As Anne prepares to fill out adoption paperwork she knows this rescue went beyond just helping man's best friend.

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