Arkansas' Unemployment Rate Falls to 3.5 Percent

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined one-tenth of a percentage point, from 3.6 percent in March to 3.5 percent in April, according to Labor force data, produced by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics that was released on Friday. 

“For the fourth month in a row, Arkansas’ unemployment rate has declined to record setting lows," said BLS Program Operations Manager Susan Price. "Starting the year at 3.8 percent, the rate has decreased one-tenth of a percentage point each month to 3.5 percent in April.” 

 In addition, the state added 11,000 jobs in April, and the labor force participation increased from the previous month. 

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson released this statement following the data release: 

“I was pleased to see that Arkansas’ unemployment rate has fallen to an all-time low for the fourth time in as many months.” Governor Hutchinson said after the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services released the figures on Friday. “Our 3.5 percent unemployment tells us that we are on the right track in terms of implementing conservative policies that spur job creation and put Arkansans to work.

“Our unemployment rate is even more impressive when you consider that the number of employees on the government payroll is shrinking, while private sector employment and the labor force participation rate continue to climb. 

“In fact, there are now 70,200 more Arkansans employed than when I first took office in 2015. Arkansans want to work. As Governor, I will continue to pursue policies that increase opportunities for Arkansans to work and raise the quality of life in our state.”


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