Armed Burglar Caught on Church's Security Cameras Stealing Thousands of Dollars Worth of Equipment

HOT SPRINGS, Ark -- An armed man is caught on camera breaking into a Hot Springs church around 2 a.m. Monday.

The break-in happened at 'Calvary Pentecostal Church.'

Pastor Joel Motes said the burglar made off with thousands of dollars worth of music equipment and other items.

In the video, the crook pulled up in a black pickup truck.

He is dressed all in black and wearing a mask and sunglasses to cover his face.

Pastor Motes said the suspect used a knife to open one of the doors and get inside.

"Wow, I can't believe people would do that in a church," said Pastor Motes.

Cameras catch the intruder messing with two refrigerators and then the alarm system.

"He just strolls to the alarm panel, like he knew where it was," said Pastor Motes.

He is then seen going into a room, but quickly ran back to the alarm panel.

"The alarm on the refrigerator goes off because he didn't shut the door all the way," said Pastor Motes.

The thief goes to another room and cameras catch him raise his right arm, with a gun gripped in his hand.

"That was the scary part to me," said Pastor Motes. "I'm just thankful nobody was around."

The bad guy makes his way to the sanctuary, where he fills his arms with a digital piano, a drum and other items, loading them into the back of his truck.

"It was a little frustrating for a little while, but you know it just says 'In everything give thanks for this is the will of God,'" said Pastor Motes.

Pastor Motes said the burglar even uses a mic stand to break into his office and make off with a laptop and other items.

"I'm assuming the day after Easter, he was looking for the biggest offering he could find, maybe hoping we had left it here," said Pastor Motes.

After nearly two hours inside the church, Pastor Motes said the thief drove off with more than $10-thousand worth of church property.

"We'll pray for him that the Lord help him to understand what he's done," said Pastor Motes.

Pastor Motes said the church's alarm was not turned on that night.

If you recognize the armed burglar, you're asked to contact police.

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