Authorities Make Heroin Bust of $635,000 Street Value in Faulkner County

FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark.- A weekend armed robbery at a post office in Van Buren county turned out to have an interesting twist.  

Fairfield Bay police got a report that an armed man went into the post office, restrained the employee on duty and stole cash and money orders. 

Police say they later learned during the post mistress, Kristy Holliday and her boyfriend, Russell Basinger, also an employee of the post office orchestrated the robbery to fund their heroin addiction.  

The sheriff in Van Buren county says right now there is little to no heroin use in that area, but says drug task force agents expect that to change.

"This is a scary thing for us," says Cody Hiland, Faulkner County Prosecuting Attorney.  Hiland oversees the drug task force agents for the district that includes Faulkner and Van Buren counties.  "I dread it and it's coming."

He says last week during a three day operation to crack down on drugs, law enforcement officers made twenty-two arrests.  One of those a bust that resulted in the seizure of seven pounds of heroin, valued at more than $600,000 on the streets.

"That tells you about the volume of drugs that are being trafficked on the Interstate."

Hiland says with the market being flooded with marijuana, the price has dropped, so cartels are pushing heroin for a different way to make money.

"We have a ready made market for it because you have people who are already hooked on opiates, narcotics," says Hiland.  "The next step will be the availability of opium." 

He says law enforcement is gearing up for a fight as usage grows over the next couple of years.

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