Baxter Co. Man Shot in the Neck

BAXTER COUNTY, Ark. - A man was shot in the neck on Wednesday, according to county officials.

At 4 p.m. the Baxter County Sheriff's Office was informed that a man was shot in the neck near Baxter County Road 1101, and a neighbor took him to a local hospital. 

Deputies responded to both the emergency room to talk with the man who had been shot and also to the house, to make contact with the person who discharged the weapon. 

Investigators say that the victim, Brian Scott Hand, 58, had gone to the home where he had had an altercation with a homeowner the day before.

According to the incident report, Hand had been told not to come back.

The homeowners told Hand to leave the property, but he refused to leave and began making threats against them.

The homeowner told police that Hand placed his foot in the doorway to keep the door from closing.

The report states the homeowner grabbed a .22 caliber rifle, which he believed was unloaded, to convince Hand to leave the property.

Hand backed out into the yard with the homeowner following. 

According to the homeowner, the rifle accidentally discharged, and one round struck Hand in the neck.

Hand was treated for not life-threatening injuries.

No criminal charges were filed against the homeowner, according to county officials.

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