Benton Taco Bell Falls Victim to Scam Phone Call, Loses Thousands

BENTON, Ark. - A local Taco Bell was robbed of thousands of dollars Tuesday after employees fell victim to a scam phone call. 
April 18, around 8:45 p.m., police were called to the Taco Bell at 1704 Military Rd. in reference to a robbery.
Police talked with an employee, Tamekia, who said, around 6:15 p.m., she got a call on the restaurant's phone from a woman who said her name was Pamela Miller and that she was the Vice President of Taco Bell. Miller told Tamekia to not tell anyone she was on the phone.
Miller went on to say that the manager of the restaurant was going to be arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service within the hour. Tamekia was told she was being watched on security cameras and that if she told anyone about the coming arrest, she would be arrested as an accomplice. 
Miller said the manager had been voiding tickets under the name of other managers and pocketing the money. 
Miller then ordered Tamekia to take the money from the safe and two of the cash registers and place it into a bank bag. She was told to give that bag of money to a trusted employee.
Tamekia gave the money bag to an employee, John, who then talked with Miller about what to do next.
After John had been gone for more than an hour, Tamekia decided to call her regional manager, Megan Sutton, and tell her what was going on. Sutton said there was no Pamela Miller who worked at the corporate office and she believed the store had just been robbed. At that point, Tamekia called police. 
Sutton came to the store and determined that more than $2,800 had been taken. 
Police were able to track down John and pull him over. He told police he had already transferred $1,300 to Alabama via Western Union at Harps Grocery Store and $1,000 to a lady via Money Gram at Wal Mart. Pamela told John to flush the receipts after the transactions were finished. 
Police tracked the Wal Mart transaction to a Desmond Vickers in Montgomery, Alabama. They tracked the Harps transaction to a Sharanda Wright. 
The thief, "Pamela Miller," is wanted for Theft by Deception.

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