‘Better Life Lottery Group' Wins $100K

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (News release) – Twenty-nine friends have been playing the lottery as a group for several years. In fact they named themselves “The Better Life Lottery Group.” They buy 29 Quick Picks for each draw of Powerball® (Wednesday and Saturday) and Mega Millions (Tuesday and Friday) games every week. One of their Powerball tickets paid off with a $100,000 win recently. So the lives of “The Better Life Lottery Group” are a little better now.

Keith Hanscom of Malvern, who represented the group to claim the prize, said the Powerball ticket was purchased on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Four of the ticket’s five winning numbers were selected, plus the Powerball number. Because the group always plays the Power Play®, the ticket paid $100,000 rather than $50,000. It was purchased at Discount Tobacco in Malvern.

“Because we were all off on Thursday and Friday last week for Thanksgiving, no one had looked at the tickets over the weekend. (Hanscom always makes copies of the tickets for all participants.) But on Monday morning my buddy asked me if I had looked at the tickets. When I told him ‘no,’ he suggested I take a look and see if I saw what he saw,” Hanscom said. “It was very exciting to win! My sister is part of the group. After I told her she started calling everyone.”

Hanscom said he also plays the Natural State Jackpot on his own. So he is playing six nights a week. He is planning to attend the Southeastern Conference playoff football game this weekend in Atlanta with his brother-in-law. The win will sweeten the trip a little.

He said the group originally had 30 members, but one friend recently dropped out of the group. He added that everyone is excited to have some extra Christmas money.

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