Bill Would Aide in Preventing Accidental Shootings

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A state representative recently filed a bill to help prevent accidental shootings involving children.

This legislation says negligently allowing a child to have access to a firearm would be a misdemeanor.

Representative Clarke Tucker says in the last several years that about 330 children across the country died in accidental shootings.

While here in Little Rock, we had three in one week in 2016.
The deaths is what tucker says inspired his bill.

"These are totally preventable. It doesn't preclude anyone from having a gun in the home, anyone who has a gun, that's not the intent of the bill at all," said Rep. Tucker.  "It's just to try to make sure that those weapons are secure so minors don't actually shoot themselves or someone else."

The bill now heads to the House Judiciary Committee.

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