Bursting Pipes Kept Plumbers Busy this Freezing New Year's Day

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- With temperatures well below freezing, even dipping into single digits overnight, bursting pipes are a concern for folks all over Central Arkansas.

Ryland Sharp, a plumber with Russell and Lemay was on call for New Year's Day.  Sharp says he responded to emergencies all day starting at 7:00 in the morning.

"We have to crawl under houses, in attics, whatever it takes to find the pipes," says Sharp.

Sharp alone says he had nine calls of houses that had no water because the ground was so cold, several other calls that pipes had actually burst.  He wasn't alone. 

Answering services for plumbers across Central Arkansas says the phones didn't stop ringing. 

"I went straight out to a guy's house and he had a busted water line in his garage," says Sharp.

While he spent much of the day fixing pipes, Sharp says there are some things people can do to prevent the damage from happening.

"Open your inside cabinet doors," says Sharp.  "Let all the heat you can into any kind of space you can that might get frozen."

He also recommends the usual like insulating pipes, disconnecting hoses and letting faucets drip.

While precautions are good, Sharp says you can't predict or prevent everything and sometimes Mother Nature will throw a wrench into the best laid plumbing preparations.

"I've seen some pipes burst that weren't supposed to and I've seen some pipes survive that never should've survived."

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