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Cabot Community Remembers 9-Year-Old who Died From Heart Defect

CABOT, Ark. -- Hundreds came out today to participate in the 2nd Annual "Walk For Wheezy"- in honor of a 9-year-old Cabot girl - who lost her life to  heart disease last year. "She did not want to tell she was any different than anyone else," says mother, Sarah Owen.

Eloise Ann Owen- known to her family and loved ones as "Wheezy" was full of life."Even though she was born with a very serious congenital heart defect, it didn't stop her," says Owen.

The active 10-year-old was born with a severe heart defect - that frequently put her in the hospital."Anatomically and the way she was developed inside, she shouldn't have been able to run and jump, and trampolines, and ride bikes, and do dance, and volleyball, basketball and all the things she did," says Owen.

She endured multiple open heart surgeries before she tragically lost her battle in January of last year. "I think one of the neatest things and one of the most helpful things, for any parent once they lose a child is to speak of them and to speak of them by name."

For her family, seeing the community gather together to support Eloise and others like her - helps her memory live on. "It's just a time for our Cabot community to come together to celebrate this beautiful girl," says Bailey Moses, co-founder of the walk.

With hundreds lining up, families hand and hand celebrating the impact - a pint sized inspiration had on those who heard her story near and far.  "Wheezy's story has spread beyond the four corners of arkansas, it has spread beyond state lines," says Moses. "The inspiration that she gives is to live your life 100 percent and know that you can do anything you put your mind to," says Eloise's dad, Clayton Owen.

Organizers with "Walk for Wheezy" say so far they've  raised about $30,000. They hope to continue raising awareness and money towards the Children's Miracle Network.

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