Cabot Woman Warns About (Not) So Suspicious Man

CABOT, Ark. - Karen Brinkley has a daily chore list. From cleaning dishes to staying connected to Cabot.

"Several posts I've seen on neighborhood pages about packages being stolen, suspicious people in the neighborhood," she says.

Brinkley likes to know what's happening in her backyard.

"You just never know in this day in age," says Brinkley.

You could call her the ideal neighbor. After getting surveillance photos of a a car driving around her neighborhood opening mailboxes she posted them to the Cabot's Concerned Citizens page on Facebook.

"Turns out he had a couple mailboxes," she says. "Several people said they seen a vehicle with the same description."

A good gesture until Brinkley got this message in her inbox.

"Looks like it was her husband. We are new to the paper route in your area and he was trying to figure out the route in the daylight and mark the boxes with the paper samples they gave him," Brinkley read.

She says she's not embarrassed.

"On the flipside of that it could've been somebody going through the mail or taking packages, monthly checks, anything," she says.

Miranda Ballance lives in the same neighborhood. She says the neighborhood watch pages are out of control.

"It's a bunch of overgrown childish drama. I think people nitpick on there," Ballance says. "They're not checking facts before they're posting."

A quick post without a lot of information but Brinkley says it's the Safety First motto that will always be number one on her chore list.

"I found in this case I got a lot more thank you messages than mind your own business messages," she says. "It's just better to be vigilant. Safe than sorry."

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