Call 311 If You See a Pothole in Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Hundreds of potholes that have sprung up after a wetter than average February are keeping repair crews extremely busy all across the city.

Helping them get the job done is the city's 3-1-1 app, which has received a steady stream of pothole reports.

"I notice a lot of potholes in the street," says Eric Johnson, who lives in Little Rock.

On Monday, a driver hit one pothole along Cantrell Rd. and let's just say, the pothole won.

"This year was worse, yes," Johnson continues.

He says he's been driving on Little Rock streets for more than 20 years but calling 3-1-1 is news to him.

"I didn't know that. I'm sure calling then," he says. "I didn't know. It's the first I'm hearing today about 311."

3-1-1 is a phone number and an app that allows drivers in Little Rock to report potholes.

Crews say since Feb. 26, there have been 358 report tickets created, alerting them to a pothole. Of those, 119 have been serviced. Officials say it takes about three says to respond and the City of Little Rock has seven to 10 crews out doing the work.

"Try and dodge them but I didn't dodge them, I can't dodge them all because it was a lot of them," says Johnson.

A pothole forced him to have to buy a new tire before because of a blow out.

"The potholes need to be taken care of, that's the issue," he says.

"It's scary. I'm kind of a new driver in Little Rock," says another driver who's seen all the potholes.

The potholes can't be fixed until the city knows where they all are, and calling 311 helps get each one added to the list.

"If I see some, sure, I'll be calling that number. I will let them know," Johnson says.

It takes a few extra days to actually close the tickets.

The city says they have filled way more than the 358 requested through the 3-1-1 app because crews are filling potholes as they spot them.

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