Car Break-ins at Maumelle Baseball Park

MAUMELLE, Ark. - Police are on the trail of thieves who've been targeting cars in parking lots at the city's baseball complex in recent weeks.

The most recent break-in happened last week and there were three more in mid-February, according to incident reports released by the Maumelle Police Department (MPD) on Monday.

On March 12, a women reported her purse was taken after a vehicle window was smashed between 6 and 8 p.m. The vehicle was parked at 1000 Country Club Parkway outside the Diamond Park Baseball Complex.

The MPD says more than $500 was charged on one of the victim's stolen credit cards at the Kroger store down the street right about the time the theft was discovered. The victim told police she had left the purse sitting in a seat of the vehicle.

The three other incidents happened on Feb. 16 at 1001 Country Club Parkway between 6 and 8 p.m.

Police say two vehicles had windows smashed and one was accessed without forced entry. In two of those cases, purses were taken from the trunk of the cars. A third purse was taken from a seat. The victims reported losing everything from checkbooks, credit or debit cards to social security cards, workplace keys and medication.

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