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City of Little Rock Addresses Trash Problems

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- People in a Central Little Rock neighborhood say they've been having trash problems for months. 

According to some people who live in the Central High neighborhood, the city's trash collectors leave a mess in their wake on collection days.

Warren Atkins heads the solid waste division for the City of Little Rock.  He says the garbage collectors are supposed to make sure the bags end up in the truck, but it's up to the citizens to bag their trash.

"We're not going to get out and pick up packing peanuts and that sort of thing," says Atkins.  "By putting it in bags it keeps it contained and helps keep it in the truck."

Certain things don't get collected during the weekly service.  He wants to remind people if they need to schedule a pick up to call 3-1-1. 

Atkins says things have been a little stretched lately after five of the city's garbage trucks burned in a fire earlier this month. 

They have gotten four of eight new trucks in and expect things to smooth out. 

Atkins says if there ever is a problem with city sanitation workers not doing something right or leaving a mess you should file a complaint with the city solid waste department and it will be addressed.

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