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Clean Up Planned for Benton Park

BENTON, Ark. A Benton park is in dire need of some upkeep.

Authorities are combining efforts to restore Cherry Demuth Park on the Saline River.

Lack of maintenance has caused the grounds to be littered with trash and debris.

Fallen tree limbs also cover pathways and offensive graffiti prevents the area from being family-friendly. 

A spokesperson for the Saline County Sheriff's Office says there needs to be a better police presence to stop illegal activity.

"So what we want to do is clean it up and if anybody is doing anything they shouldn't be doing, we will write citations and if we have to arrest," says Lt. Jeffrey Silk.

Starting next week, various agencies will begin a month long clean up effort. 

Pathways and roadways will be restored and the graffiti will be painted over. 

When the project is finished, the community will celebrate with a big picnic at the park. 

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