Coach Broyles' Granddaughter Crowned U of A Homecoming Queen

Fayetteville, AR -- The Broyles legacy lives on at the University of Arkansas. Frank Broyles' granddaughter is carrying the family name on. 

It's one of the highlights of homecoming week: crowing the homecoming queen and king. This year, Beau Broyles took home the title.

"I was so surprised!" said Beau Broyles.

Beau Broyles, the granddaughter of legendary U of A coach and athletic director Frank Broyles, is a senior at the University of Arkansas. She said being named this year's homecoming queen is something her grandfather would be very proud of.

"I think he would really emphasize on the importance of not just celebrating your own victory but really using it to help make a change. So I think that something that he would really really want me to do is just use this opportunity to make a statement and to help others." Beau said. 

Beau was born and raised in hog country which makes winning the prestigious crown that much sweeter.

"This is just something I've grown up loving. I think I missed one homecoming game and that was for seventh grade Cotillion and I remember it was like the worst thing ever for me. It is something that I never imagined that I would be able to be a part of but I'm lucky, a lucky girl."

Much like her grandfather, beau's classmates say the impact she's had on the university is a long lasting one and that the title of homecoming queen is well deserved. 

"Beau is an incredible woman and she's done a lot here at Arkansas and has left a mark and in general I had actually heard of her through a friend and I had only heard good things of her." said Brandon Moritz, the 2017 University of Arkansas Homecoming King. 

Beau said winning the title is one of her favorite memories at the U of A. She said although her grandfather was not there to see it, the life lessons he taught her will help her wear the crown gracefully. 

"He probably start with 'Oh me' that's what he always said but I think what's really important is that what he always taught me is to carry any title or any form of leadership with dignity and with pride and uphold it to its highest respect and highest honor."

Beau says one of her main priorities since being named homecoming queen is to continue to encourage people to attend the U of A and to be the best version of themselves.

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