Community Mourns Hot Springs Pilot Death

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-- We learned Monday 46-year-old Michael Bollen of Hot Springs truly and in more than one way risked his life to help others. 

The 46-year-old pilot was one of three crew members who died in Sunday night's medical helicopter crash in Arkansas County. 

Lakeside Intermediate School posted a phone of Mike Bollen after he talked with a class about being a pilot and his 20 years in the military. 

The photo was posted less than a week before the husband and father suddenly and tragically died. 

We learned he fought for our country in the Iraq War and flew Apache helicopters in the Army. 

26-year-old flight paramedic Trey Auld from Louisiana and 61-year-old flight nurse Jim Spruiell from Alabama also died in the crash. 

Trey's mother Kim Auld spoke with the news in Louisiana on Monday. 

"This is not the end. This is the beginning. And the main thing anyone that is listening, hug your loved ones. Do something for somebody that cannot do anything to you. Reach out to somebody that does not look like you or shares no interest with you and love on them," Auld said. 

The mother talked about her hero- her son.  

 Kim Auld said, "He loved Jesus. Instead of being the hands and feet of Jesus everybody here can laugh. He was the hands, feet and brains of Jesus with what he did."  

While Auld's family mourns so do the other families- including Bollen's family. 

His Linked In accounts showed the veteran's been flying medical helicopters for just over 3 years. 

Auld said, "My heart goes out to the other families and all the families that have loved ones that run in when everyone else is running out."

We confirmed that Michael Bollen also volunteered to help lead a 5th-grade cub scouts pack. 

It was evident as we learned more about the pilot that his family, his military family, his flying family, his community, people all around Central Arkansas and people around the country are grieving his death. 


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