Cosplay Con Vendors Wait for Payment, Promoter is Unreachable

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - "Cosplay Con & Anime Experience" vendors are still waiting to get paid Tuesday.

The promoter is no where to be found. 

The event at the Verizon Arena wrapped up Saturday. 

While guests were dressed up in costume, it's the promoter who volunteers say was hiding behind different identities. 

Those out money range from large companies, to individuals and non-profits. 

"Honestly that would have been our largest donation that we've ever gotten," Brandy Bullock, the co-founder of Heroes and Angels said. 

Promises of payment were broken for the non-profit Heroes and Angels in Central Arkansas. 

"Our big thing is we concentrate on life outside the hospital. Gas, groceries, rent, stockings at Christmas time," Bullock said. 

Two-thousand dollars was offered to the organization that helps families whose children are fighting cancer. 

Co-founder Brandy Bullock says the money was earmarked to help stuff Christmas stockings for suffering children and their siblings. 

They hope to fill 50 stockings, but right now they can afford zero. 

"I know these kids. You know, I know our heroes and it makes it hard," she said.

The promoter of Cosplay Con has contracts with several vendors who've reached out to our station on Facebook. 

"All of this really boils down to one man," Bullock said. 

The promoters name is debatable. 

 "I didn't even learn that his name wasn't Malcolm Fledge until Sunday," Volunteer Coordinator Christine Higgins said.

 A Facebook page  for concerned vendors shows several names, even possible mug shots of "Malcolm Fledge" in the comments. 

We know him as Kenton Paul. 

But Higgins says he wasn't just hiding behind names, but people. 

"He put me in the forefront of everything and I'm absolutely terrified that people are going to think I'm involved with him and I am absolutely not," Higgins said. 

Now vendors and non-profits wait for payment.
"As far as we know right now,  no one is able to get ahold of him," Bullock said. 

We tried to reach him, but his phone is turned off and voicemail not set up. 

"It breaks my heart that this is happening," Higgins said. 

But hope is alive for the non-profit looking to make Christmas a little brighter for cancer patients. 

"These kids will have stockings one way or another we'll make that happen." 

Higgins estimates 30,000 dollars is owed in all. 

Full disclosure: Our sister station CW Arkansas was a vendor at the event. 

Like many of the people you heard from in the story, the station is owed money as well. 

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