Current State of the AR Lottery System

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The Arkansas State Legislature's Lottery Oversight Subcommittee heard from the director about the current state of the lottery system on Thursday.

Director Bishop Woosley told lawmakers with two months left in the fiscal year, he expects the lottery to generate about $ 83 million dollars for scholarships. Two million dollars more than the lottery originally budgeted.

Woosley also said Arkansans can start buying tickets with debit cards starting July 30. There are more than 1900 lottery retailers in the state and he expects 33%  to allow debit cards , 33% might allow , and 33% won't.

Lawmakers then raised questions about how the lottery has tailored its ads and games to fight addiction.

"Really our goal for the last three or four years was to make more people play less instead of less people play more," said Woosley.

Camelot Global, the lottery's consultant, says there's no industry standard that mandates how much money should go to battling addiction. 

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