NW Arkansas Participates in Day Without Immigrants

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA)- - A day without immigrants. It's a boycott taking place all across the country, and even here in Northwest Arkansas. Immigrants chose not to go to work, spend money, or send their kids to school Thursday.

Nearly 30% of the Springdale student body was absent. But it wasn't just schools, dozens of businesses either owned or operated by NWA immigrants were also closed.

A Springdale mother made the decision to not send her children to school. Maria Araujo said,  "As a mother, it's very important to me to show my children who I choose not to send to school today the importance of standing up for ourselves."

Even with the fear of being fired, she decided not to go to work. "I think it's important to put an extra emphasis on the fact that immigrants have helped rejuvenate a lot of our economies and help this country grow," said Araujo.

Kimberly Sutton's Immigration Law Office closed their doors Thursday after much thought. Stephanie Fraire with Law Office of Kimberly Sutton said, "We did want to show the support that we work for the immigrants, and we are here to support them 100 percent."

While not working a whole day is tough for businesses, Stephanie Fraire, who's an immigrant herself, believes taking a stance is most important. "We can't bring money into our business period. So today being closed, yes that is jeopardizing our business. But we will glad support our our Immigrants, not only Hispanic, if that means to lose a day," said Fraire.

Araujo added,  "I think it's important for us to recognize today that contribution immigrants have made. Because to a certain extent we've all derived from immigrants. So I think it's something everybody should take into account." 

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