Developer in Big Conway Project Backs Out

CONWAY, Ark. - In business there are things you can't control but for Conway TGI Fridays Owner Jeremy Gardner, there's at least  one things he can brew up by himself.

"I'm really in control of my destiny," says Gardner.

The small business owner says it's a team effort by small business to succeed.

"It's important to have a vision. It's important to be set up for growth," says Gardner.

Gardney says the more than six million dollar project down the road from his restaurant can open many doors for nearby shops.

"Anytime you can draw people to this part of town, the business on this side is going to prosper," says Gardney.

The project is the site of Conway's old airport.

Two developers, one local and one national, were going in to purchase the land from the city.

The national developer ,Jim Wilson & Associates, which specializes in drawing in national businesses to open up shop on the land backed out, according to Conway Development Corporation Executive Vice President Jamie Gates.

"Restaurants, hotels, retail but it may mean things like multi-family," says Gates.

Gates says the local developer, Conway Development Corporation, is already talking with a new potential national developer.

"I don't feel like the risk is any more or less than what it was when we started on this project a few years ago," says Gates.

The local developer says the shake up shouldn't scare away big retail giants who've expressed interest.

"We've had nothing but positive communication with them throughout this process," says Gates.

Gardner may not be able to control the development down the road but knows nothing is going to stop his city's rapid progress.

"Excitement is never a bad thing," says Gardner. "You keep growing as a community."

Gates says the national developer backed out because of conflicts with Conway's project timeline and other ongoing projects the national group is working on.




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