Donna Terrell Tries out Police Officer Training Simulator

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-  Police officers put their lives on the line each day to serve and protect and some are criticized when they use deadly force.

On Thursday,  the Little Rock police department allowed the media to use their simulator to find out what it's like to have to use deadly force.  

It almost looks like a video game, however it's anything but that

Little Rock police use this it training simulator  for new recruits and veteran officers.

Police officers  never know what they'll encounter when in the line of duty, but it's simulations like these that help them prepare for the unexpected.

In this scenario you busted the guy who works here. if you look closely, police can't see his right hand.

In one scene the man takes out a staple gun.

Officers Witfield and Kimbrough never fire their weapons

Although the next time things change. the suspect takes out a gun.  The officers fire first.

"We live in a city where we know they're attacking armed, uniformed police officers."

Officer John Gilcrest is one of the intructors for the it training simulator and on thursday he let members of the media try it out.  

An exercise for police officers with hundreds of situations some involving weapons, some not becomes a tool that is used to help broaden officers scopes and possibly save their lives.

LRPD  bought this it simulator in 2010 for 110k. Just this year the simulator recevied 12k  worth of upgrades.  With the fresh technology, all officers are expected go through the simulations at least once a year.

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