Dozens Arrested in Garland County Drug Sweep

GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. - Operation Ice Storm, a suspect roundup targeting accused drug traffickers has led to the arrests of more than 30 people.

The sweep was conducted by the 18th East Judicial District Drug Task Force earlier this week.

The first arrest in the case came on Wednesday when officials say James D. Anderson was caught transporting 28 pounds of methamphetamine into Garland County for distribution.

Also arrested on Wednesday were Josh Henderson and Tiffany Watson on numerous weapons and narcotic-related charges. Authorities say Anderson and Henderson were members of the same narcotics distribution network in Garland County.

Additional arrests followed on Thursday of individuals for various narcotics offenses related to the investigation, bringing the total to 35. 

Those arrested face state or federal charges. Agents seized more than 30 pounds of meth, 2 ounces of power cocaine, 31 ecstasy pills, 141 controlled pharmaceuticals and 17 firearms during the operation.

In addition to the individuals named above, those arrested include (photos below):

  • Shavonne Byrd
  • Berranda Walker
  • Juan Lopez
  • David Cruz
  • Marquise Moutry
  • Hunter Mize
  • Joseph Thomas
  • Reggie Horton
  • Brannon Nixon
  • Katlin Coleman
  • Casey Sheet
  • Whitney Bullock
  • Jason C. Thresher
  • Paul A. Scaife
  • Brad Widener
  • Phillip E. Starley
  • Andrea Burciaga
  • Keith D. Lawson
  • Jessie R. Evans
  • Phillip C. Hefner
  • David B. Mazzella
  • Dory Ann Power-McCraw
  • Timothy Jeffcoat
  • Kristen Mahan

Outstanding warrants are active for these individuals:

  • James Hill
  • Nathan Davis
  • Terryl Carter
  • Tamara Edwards
  • Sarah Beaty
  • Shawn Taylor
  • Josh Campbell

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