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EF 1 Tornado Damages Buildings, Homes and Trees in Howard County

UMPIRE, Ark. -- A wild and crazy weekend across Arkansas. According to the national weather service -- more than ten tornadoes touched down in the state of Arkansas -- including two EF-2's. That number could go up -- as emergency crews  survey damage in the hard-hit areas.

Wade Bearden has owned his property in umpire for the last 25 years."The wife and I were in Branson for the weekend and we kept getting text and they were saying it was coming to Umpire, it was coming to Umpire," says Bearden.

An EF 1 tornado - headed straight toward Bearden's nine acre property. "We just came down that night it's about 1 o'clock when we got in," Bearden says. "Couldn't believe it"

Downed trees and debris scattered - from a chicken coup across the road. "The tops are off and caving in and my place here, I had a barn here and my tractor was set right at end of it," says Bearden.

Video shows the moment the tornado touched down in this town of under 500 people. "The ones that didn't see it heard it and says it's just awful," says Bearden.

While Bearden is clearing up debris - he's hoping he doesnt experience another tornado in his small town. "We're just blessed that nobody got hurt here at all," says Bearden.

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