Elevator Issues at Public Housing for Elderly

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- For the first time in 2 days, some Little Rock Senior citizens stepped outside their apartment for a breath of fresh air. 

A water main break broke all the elevators on Wednesday leaving the stairs for the community made up of elderly people. 

We learned from the executive director of the Metropolitan Alliance the break happened when the public housing switched from AC to heat mode for the winter. 

Juan Duke Senior rolled out of the Parris Tower Friday night. 

He said, "I wasn't riding in the elevators. Thank God and I didn't get stuck downstairs. I thank Him for that too."

It was only the second time since Wednesday he said he left his 9th floor home. 

Dukes said, "I was born with a leg."

Sitting in his chair he said one leg and 2 days with no elevators wouldn't stop him from a special visit. 

"It was to visit to see my daughter and I went back up because I had to. "I'm not labeled to this chair and I walk a little bit on my crutches but I walked back upstairs slowly."

We learned from the executive director of the alliance Rodney Forte that the water line broke on Wednesday. 

He told us on the phone, "We've been on high alert in our emergency mode making sure that peoples' needs were still met."

Some residents described the last couple of days as living in something of a tower of terror, not a fun ride. 

Forte said, "We're not an assisted living facility but we are obviously sensitive to the fact that you know there are some people that we know of that are either in wheelchairs or are that on dialysis."

On Friday we saw the technicians at the public housing. We saw on elevator working but the other one was still broken. 

Forte said, "Basically using a reduced level of protocol for the same thing that would happen if there were a right now hardcore emergencies such as a fire or something like that."

Dukes said he had shopping to do Friday. 

He said, "Hey a big water pipe where water is falling down actually like Niagra Falls. I'll say it again and I'll say it right now. I'm lucky I wasn't on that elevator and got stuck down here because my crutches were upstairs."

Forte said the part for the broken elevator is expected to arrive next Tuesday. 

Anyone living in Parris Tower can call (501) 377-1066 which is their 24-hour maintenance line. 

Forte said any resident at the tower with an emergency should contact 9-1-1. 

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