EXCLUSIVE: Acen King's Grandmother Says She Blames Herself

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The grandmother of three-year-old Acen King, the toddler shot and killed during an apparent road rage incident, is speaking out for the first time.
"He was a unique child so God called a major angel home," says Acen's grandmother Kim King-Macon.
On Dec. 17, Little Rock Police say Gary Holmes opened fire on King-Macon's car. She says she did not realize her grandson had been shot.
"I looked back at the kids and I asked are you okay and Acen shook his head yes," says King-Macon.
But her relief turned to heartbreak just 15 minutes later.
"The sight I saw wasn't what I wanted to see and that sight has never left my eyes. He had blood running down his face and it just plays over and over in my head cause his body was slumped over in the car and I couldn't grab him. All I could do is scream and holler no, no, God... you can't be doing this to me."
King-Macon says there was no life left in little Acen's eyes.
"I could remember calling my son back and telling him that it was not a gunshot in the air that Acen had been shot and he said 'Momma please don't tell me my baby is dead.' Well, I couldn't tell him that because his baby was," she says.
The grandmother of seven has struggled with Acen's death knowing it happened in her car.
"Not to know your grandchild had been shot and you drive that far with him. I think I beat myself up because I feel like had I known, I could've got him to the hospital and maybe save him," says King-Macon.
Holmes turned himself into law enforcement hours before Acen's funeral.
"I forgave him the day or so after," says King-Macon.
She says Holmes apologized to her during a court appearance last week.
Despite an apology, King-Macon knows the fight for justice is just getting started.
"Acen is gone but this is not over," she says.
Holmes will be in court again Thursday. He's charged with first-degree murder.

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