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Fact Check: Candidate for State Representative Registers in Wrong District?


After we received complaints about a candidate for State Representative possible not living in the district he hopes to represent, we checked out his opponent too. 

Democrat Jamie Scott for House District 37 lists this home as her address. 

Records show her voter status at this home is active. 

Neighbors also confirm she lives here. 

Her opponent in the May primary, Isaac Henry, listed a home in District 37 as his address. 

But records show his voter status there is inactive. 

Neighbors claim he lives at a home in District 38. 

Henry says he splits time between both. 

Original story:

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A candidate for House District 37 has a motto: "From the community. In the community. For the community."

But some are questioning Isaac Henry's part about "in the community" since documents show he is a resident of District 38. 

"People are throwing rocks and hiding their hands right now, and they should probably be looking at their own stuff," Henry said. 

The city of North Little Rock employee has ties to homes in both districts. 

The one in District 37 appears to have no inhabitants, with a blanket stuffing a shattered window and no answer at the door or from neighbors.

After a knock went unanswered at the house in District 38, a neighbor answered our question.

"Isaac Henry: great guy, nice guy, family man," said Charles Mitchell, who lives across the street 

However, Mitchell cannot vote for Henry.

"If he ends up moving in the other district, I guess that's where they'll need him at," Mitchell said. "But in the meantime, he's a great neighbor."

Records show the District 38 house is owned by Henry's wife. His uncle owns the one in District 37, where Henry is registered to vote. However, documents list his voter status as inactive. 

So where does Henry live? 

According to him, both homes. 

"This is my war room," Henry said, pointing to his office area in the District 37 home that doubles as his campaign headquarters. 

Henry took us on a tour of what once was his grandmother's daycare. A couch and TV furnish the front room, his office takes up the next and behind curtains, are three bedrooms. He filled the first with supplies, the second with a bunk bed and the third with a bed. 

He said he, his wife and kids sleep in this home about 50 percent of the time.

"I spend the majority of my time here honestly," he said.  

According to multiple sources, a candidate must sleep in the district he or she wants to represent in order to hold up in the courts. 

"I'm on the ballot because I deserve to be on the ballot," Henry said. "This is my home. This is where I stay. This is where I'm going to live in District 37." 

Henry is going head to head against Jamie Scott in the May primary.

He claims Scott is one of the people "throwing rocks." 

Scott released the following statement:

"This race is about the people who live in house district 37; it is not about me or my opponent. Since the day I announced my candidacy for the House of Representatives, I have focused on running a positive campaign to improve education standards, build up our infrastructure, and bring good-paying jobs to District 37. I take this work seriously. That is why I have filed timely reports and met all legal requirements. I spend every moment I can making calls, knocking on doors, and meeting voters. District 37 is my home and when this campaign is over, I want to represent every resident of the district."

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