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Family and Friends Remember Little Rock Stabbing Victim

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Family and friends of a 33-year old man stabbed to death over the weekend in Little Rock  - speaking out. "When no one told a joke, he always just laughed," says Kelcie Lee.

Lee calls Evedencio Ordonez - known to family and friends as Ramon - the light of this home.  Even on a dark day - his personality would turn strangers into friends.  "He listened, always the person to listen not just to give an opinion but to feel your heart and your pain," she says.

But now - pictures on a sofa sitting in the home Kelcie, her fiance and Ramon shared - are all that's left to remember their friend. Ramon was stabbed Saturday on Stanton Road in Little Rock.

Kelcie was home - when friends broke the news. "About eight people came knocking on the door, and they just kept telling me Ramon's been stabbed," she says.

She immediately drove to the hospital with her fiance to see Ramon. "And I saw everything and I turned to my fiance and said he didn't survive," she says.

Police arrested 36 year old Humberto Machic Sunday in connection with Ramon's murder. "A crime so unexpected like this, so unprovoked," she says.

A life cut short - but remembered by those who knew and loved him. "Now our goal is to get him home to his mom and his dad," she says.

Machic faces first degree murder and battery charges. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with costs to get him back home.

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