Family Describes Fear While Inside LR Movie Theater During Shooting

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- A man was shot outside the Cinemark Theaters Saturday night while people were inside watching movies. 
Fox 16 talked with a family from Conway who said they were inside the Cinemark Theaters when the shooting happened Saturday night. 
They family said they drove to Little Rock from Conway to take their 2 young kids to see the new Disney movie. 
Nakita Price said, "and I just started reading this scripture out loud and I noticed they (another family) came a little closer."
While 4-year-old Mason and 6-year-old Brian played with their favorite cars on Sunday outside their home, an evidence marker showed where a bullet hit a pole outside of the Cinemark Theaters Sunday. 
The mother in the family Nakita Price said, "I knew we were covered by our prayers but it was just scary."
The Conway family said they were inside the theater Saturday evening. 
The father in the family Lamont Price said, "after my wife prayed I was calm but I was just ready to defend my family."
Little Rock Police and Pulaski County Sheriff deputies surrounded the outside of the Colonel Glenn Road movie theater around 10:30 Saturday night. 
Nakita said, "it was like two or three ladies walked in and yelled get down get down somebody is shooting."
Lamont said, "we didn't know if it was inside or outside."
They said they decided to run up to the top of the theater and hide behind a wall. 
Lamont said, "my son was still trying to watch the movie but we were trying to hide and duck for our life."
Nikita said she opened her Bible app and started reading scripture and praying.  
"They (kids) were whispering I'm scared or I'm ready to go and they wanted to leave," Lamont said. 
Police said a fight broke out in the back of the parking lot then at least one person started shooting, hitting a pole, 3 cars and one bullet traveled about a football field away and hit a husband walking into the movies with his wife. 
"I guess we sat there for about 30 minutes then someone came and told us it was ok to come out," Nakita said. 
Now instead of laughing about a movie, these parents are thinking about how they help their kids move forward. 
Lamont said, "you can't be scared to not come out of your house and go to the movies"
The family said the boys had been counting down the days until they were going to see the movie. 
"You just got to pray and keep pushing," he continued. 
They said they plan to take their boys back to a movie theater sometime to finish watching the movie. 
As of Sunday night, Little Rock police said they victim to recover and they are still looking for suspects. 

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