Family Reacts to Execution Being Halted for Death Row Inmate Jack Greene

POPE COUNTY, Ark. - Today was the date the Governor set for Jack Greene to be put to death. Earlier this week the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled to temporarily halt the execution as lawyers argue he's mentally ill. 

It's left his victim's family devastated. Greene was convicted of brutally murdering a 69-year-old preacher in Johnson County. 

Jack Greene killed Sidney Burnett in 1991. Burnett and his wife ministered to Greene years before the murder. 

His daughters tell me they expected Greene to face the execution chamber Thursday and they are heartbroken this case continues.  

Strum by strum, Sidney Burnett's grandson Michael Bucker doesn't use words to remember his grandfather he uses music. 

"He was known as the rock. The solid foundation of the entire family," Michael Bucker said. 

The World War II veteran's life was cut short. It was taken by the hands of Jack Greene. 

"My dad is the victim here. He's only done good for this man," Burnett's daughter Irene Burton said. 

Burton and Linda Miller are Burnett's daughters. They say they have been waiting more than two decades for closure after their father's death certificate shows a brutal murder. 

"It says that he was gagged, tied, beaten, and then stabbed twice with a .22 caliber handgun. He was tortured for 30 minutes," Burton said. 

They say this latest execution stay is much more than just a step in the process.  

"For 26 years my family has been tortured through court hearings over and over and over," Miller said.  

"It's mental torture to our family. It's like reliving the death all over again," Burton said. 

They say the longer this continues, the more hurt they feel. 

"Something has to change. Our family has been mutilated, cut up, torn up. Our family has went through too much," Miller said. 

The tight knit family doesn't know what's next, but say they will keep fighting until the end. 

"I wish it would've been over because I want to let it go," Burton said. 

Jack Greene is the oldest inmate on death row. He's 62-years-old. 

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says she does not have plans to appeal the State Supreme Court's decision to grant a stay.

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