Family to Shed Light on Recent Violence Against Women, Children

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- When you believe in something, nothing will stop you from completing your mission.

"You're hurting people, you're hurting families," says Anna Williamson's Aunt Sarah Jacobs.

Jacobs and her family are planning 'Anna Love Day' for her niece Anna Williamson. It's a block party scheduled for Saturday on Elm and 16th to shed light on recent violence against women and children.

"It's becoming rapid and it's growing like it's an everyday occurrence and like it's okay. It's not okay," says Jacobs.

Anna was killed in a murder-suicide in July, 2017.

Around the holidays, a mother and her two children were murdered in Little Rock.

Earlier this year, a woman was killed in Pulaski County while holding her little girl, the child was also injured by gunfire. In January, 2018, a mother of five was murdered in Little Rock.

Friends confirm to FOX16 that 34-year-old Tartinisha Rainey, the woman killed in Little Rock Tuesday morning was also a mother.

"When I think about another mother being killed, I think about the children that she left behind," says Jacobs.

Jacobs says too many lives have been taken, too many tears have been shed.

"They have these memories of their mom and those memories stop the very second you took their mother. Those babies can't create anymore memories with their mother," says Jacobs.

While Jacobs goes door to door, she's learning the love that Jacobs spread.

"We went from middle school to high school together. She was always a sweet girl," says Jacobs' neighbor.

The block party is scheduled for Saturday, March 17th from 11am-7pm.

Anna would have turned 29-years-old on Wednesday.

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