Father Claims Daughter Had Bruises From Daycare, DHS Investigating

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A Little Rock daycare center is under a DHS investigation after a father says his daughter came home with bruises. 

DHS says "Childcare Network" on North Shackleford Road "self reported" after the family's complaints. 

James Reddick says he took his daughter to Children's Hospital and also filed a police report. 

He says his daughter has only been at the day care for a week and was shocked when he saw his daughter's bruises. 

Reddick says when he picked them up Monday, he noticed a bump on his three-year-old's head. 

"When I touch her she grits her teeth and says 'no daddy' and ouch," Reddick said. 

He says it became clear, there were more. 

"When we got home I was undressing them and giving them baths, cooking, getting hair done, I'm noticing these red bruises," he said. 

He says they went from her forehead all the way down to her lower back. He says he was never given an incident report about what happened and contacted the day care facility's director. 

"She said it's under investigation, that's what the director said, and I haven't spoke to her since," Reddick said. 

DHS confirms there is an open child care licensing investigation. 

In a statement Childcare Network says: 

"We reached out to the ​parents to answer any remaining questions that ​t​he​y​ may have​ and ​we were told that they ​were satisfied with the way we have handled their concerns​.  ​​At this time, we are not able to ​conclude ​what caused ​the ​marks on the child​ as there were no adult witnesses and we have had no prior cause for concerns with this teacher who had been with us since 2006​.  However, as is our standard practice, we suspended the ​child's ​teacher​​ immediately while we were investigating the claim.  We always act in an abundance of caution and fault on the side of our children in situations​ where there is any question​.  We have self-reported his concern to the appropriate licensing authorities as is the standard when there is a complaint of this nature.  ​The child continues to attend our school."  ​ 

Reddick says he just wants to know what happened to his three-year-old. 

"I did everything I could do to protect my daughter in this situation," Reddick said. 

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