Firefighters Make Day For 11-Year-Old Before Major Surgery

MAUMELLE, Ark. - Fire departments and law enforcement agencies across central Arkansas are coming together to make an 11-year-old's dream come true. 
Kaleb Evans has had multiple heath issues in his young life causing him to have a large number of surgeries. His family says the third grader is obsessed with the fire department, so on Saturday Maumelle firefighters gave him a huge surprise. 
With a big grin and a fire fighters jacket of his own, Kaleb Evans' smile goes from ear-to-ear. 
Fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars galore, it wasn't a normal day for Kaleb and it wasn't a normal day for the law enforcement and fire fighters there to meet him. 
It started with a lights and sirens escort to the Maumelle Fire Department. Then, Kaleb got to control the sires on his own. 
His mom Marie says this is much more than a play day. 
"He never gave up, he still hasn't given up," she explained. 
She says the 11-year-old has fought health issues his whole life. 
"He's on IV fluid's 18 hours out of the day and we don't stay at home for 18 hours. It doesn't slow us down," said Marie. 
However, his upcoming trip to the hospital is a major one. 
"We're scared. We're terrified of this surgery coming up," said Marie. 
That's why the fire fighters' mission is making his day. 
"He thinks firefighters hung the moon. Which is totally fine with us," said Marie. 
For the firefighters, and officers, they are just as inspired by Kaleb. 
"This is one of the easiest things you could ever do as a firefighter. It's definitely one of the most rewarding," said Maumelle fire department battalion chief Drew Nichols. 
The final surprise of the day was the biggest. Kaleb got to ride in a med-fight helicopter. He's was still all smiles in the air. Making his dream a reality. 
"It means more than anyone would ever know to have the support and see him happy," said Marie. 
Kaleb's surgery will be on February 23, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio. To learn more about Kaleb visit his Facebook page.


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