Forgery Suspect Tied to Burns Park Car Break In

JACKSONVILLE, Ark.- Jacksonville police are looking for a woman caught on bank surveillance photos in connection to a forgery, stemming back to a stolen purse.

Police are investigating a number of car break ins at Burns Park in North Little Rock.  In February alone, eleven were reported.  

Ellen Wiener was one of the victims.  Late last month she was running late for her son's baseball game and left her purse in the car while she went in the stadium at Burns Park.   Two hours later when she came out her window was shattered and her purse was gone. 

The next day she discovered more than $1700 missing from her bank account. 

"I called my bank and they were like 'well you cashed a check for $1781' and I was like 'no I did not'," says Wiener.

Someone used her driver's license and debit card, forging her signature, to cash another woman's stolen check against her account.  The woman went through the drive through at a Centennial bank branch in Jacksonville.

"She didn't have a hat on, she didn't have sunglasses on. Nothing," says Wiener.  "She went up to the window in the first drive through lane and was able to cash that check. "

Just recently Jacksonville Police posted the bank surveillance photos on their Facebook page asking the public to help identify the woman.  Two days later Cabot Police shared different photos of a woman wanted for cashing a stolen check they believe is the same person. 

In both cases police say the woman was seen driving a burgundy or maroon Kia Optima.  If you know who she is, give them a call.

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