Free Divorce: Valentine's Day Contest

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - On a day known for spreading the love we usually think of receiving flowers and chocolate...but...what about a divorce?!

A local law firm is giving away a free uncontested divorce in a Valentine's Day contest (see link at bottom of story). 

The team at Wilson and Haubert weren't sure how the contest would be received at first but it appears to be going well considering that within 30 hours of accepting entries, the firm has received more than 450 submissions and more than 2 thousand visits to its website.

We asked the attorneys "what's the catch?.... and they told us point blank -- to generate more business. But they also feel some people could use the help.

"I think generally here we agree it's better for people to stay together but for some people they're better apart and we can help them clean up the paperwork," says Brandon Haubert, Attorney Wilson & Haubert PLLC.

The firm is only offering its free services for one divorce but say they may offer a couple more. 

The value of this prize is around one thousand dollars.

Click here to enter the contest.

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