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Inmates Caught on Video Smuggling Drugs into Jail

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. --Pulaski county inmates are going to extreme lengths and new heights to smuggle drugs into the jail.

On the outside of the Pulaski County Jail, chain linked fences and concrete walls. No match for what investigators say is becoming a huge problem. "In the last six months we've had more usage of K-2 then we have ever had," says Sgt. Fred Thompson, a Pulaski County jail investigator. Surveillance footage shows a woman tossing a bag of synthetic marijuana - known as K-2 over the chain linked fences back in march. Three inmates are seen building a human pyramid. Moments, later - footage shows the inmates smoking the substance, before stumbling and eventually collapsing. "People will stop roll up to the fence, throw something over and get it as close to the jail as they can," says Sgt. Thompson.

Investigators say the three inmates seen in the footage, were  taken to a hospital after getting sick and it's not first time investigators have seen  people smuggling in illegal drugs. "This is one of the cases where they threw something and you can see it's inside of this shoe," he says. "That's an ounce of green, leafy substance."

Investigators say there were 31 cases of drug smuggling in 2016 - more than twice as much as the previous year. This year alone, 16 cases in the county jail. "I'm not going to tell you that nothings coming in because these people have so many different ways," he says.

Now, investigators say they're cracking down on  these lethal drugs behind bars. They say the drugs are also being smuggled in through mail and the jail is working to educate staff on how to spot these drugs before they make it into the hands of inmates.

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