Kids Brought to Bank Robbery, 3 Arrested

BRINKLEY, Ark. -- Within seconds, our interview came to an end.

"I got to go. They may be at the Heritage Inn right now," said Brinkley Police Chief Ed Randle.

Randle had to race off to a motel down the street from the police station where a bank robbery suspect was hiding out.

Police cars started rolling in, one after another.

Authorities started taking all precautions necessary because a little girl and boy were with the suspects.

"We didn't want the children, [we wanted to] get the children out of danger. We didn't want them hurt," said Randle.

Police say Megan Schearer is the kids' mother. Her fiance Matthew Shackelton and his brother James Shackelton are from Pennsylvania and were heading to Arizona, according to authorities. Police say all three are being detained in connection to the bank robbery. Authorities believe the children were in the car during the robbery.

A suspect handed a teller at The Signature Bank on Main Street a note demanding cash. The note allegedly said they had a weapon. No weapon was seen during the incident.

After the heist, the suspects headed to Woodruff County where they crashed. They caught a ride back to Brinkley and reserved a room at the motel, just 50 yards from where the bank is.

"We apprehended one here at the motel and another at Fred's Super Dollar," said Randle.

After police took the suspects into custody, officers brought the kids to a gas station.

"They looked a little frightened but they didn't look like they were too upset. The officers told them they were bringing them in to get them a little snack and asked them what they wanted," said the store's cashier Felecia Tyler.

Tyler said the officers paid for the snacks, which included ice cream.

"We have some great officers in this town. If anything happens, the first thing they're going to do is make sure the children are okay," she said.

While police begin their investigation into the robbery, they're happy no one was injured.

Authorities say the children's biological father is headed to Arkansas to get the children.

Police say they've recovered more than one thousand dollars. They wouldn't say how much money was stolen.

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