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Latest Arkansas Lottery Winner Faces Rape Charges

DUMAS, Ark.-- "I usually cash out around $500, $600, yesterday I cashed $2,000," Jay Singh, owner of Dumas Mart said.

Singh's Dumas Mart hasn't slowed down since Sunday. 

"I was just shocked because I tried to scan it and claim it in the lottery because it started ringing bells and whistles and stuff," Singh said.

The stop off Highway 65, the selling spot for a $1,000,000 Arkansas Lottery scratch-off.

"He bought a ticket around 1:00 p.m. and about 1:30 p.m. he came he said he won $1,000,000," Singh said.

The winner, 38-year-old Adam Patton, one of Singh's regulars and also the suspect at the center of an alleged rape case.

"Yea, I heard about that, we will see where it goes," Singh said.

According to court documents, the new million dollar man was arrested in July after allegations he had sexual relations with a minor.

"His family is good he's always been good to me," Singh said.

Singh says he's happy for his customer and says he deserves the dollars despite his pending charges.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration saying Tuesday, "The allegations of criminal conduct have no bearing on our obligation to pay an award won through the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. By the terms of the lottery, this individual is entitled to the award and he will receive what he is due."

"I'm really happy for him, I hope that he can do that for him and his family with it," Jay Thurman said.

Thurman says he wishes Patton the best although others may not agree.

Randy Johnson says some winners with criminal allegations should consider another way they can cash in without facing backlash.

"You should get somebody else to take to get it that's what I would do," Johnson said

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