Little Rocks Hosts Celebrity Couple J.Lo, and A-Rod

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Typically, you would see Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez within the pages of entertainment magazines, but Monday night they were just in our backyard. 
They were having dinner at Arthur's Steakhouse. Even though we don't know exactly why there were here, many people are loving it. 
Just about everyone has something to say about Jennifer Lopez and Yankee's superstar Alex Rodriguez dining in the natural state. 
"We need to come up with an A-Rod, J.Lo name. What about J.Rod?" said Heide Harrell. 
"I would probably ask for his autograph, as inappropriate as that may be, and some pictures, of course," said Norene Napper. 
Arthur's Steakhouse hit a home run by hosting the pair. The picture was posted on social media by the owner saying they had dinner there Monday night. 
"I never would have thought she would come to little Arkansas," said Shy Russ. 
Some have said A-Rod had business meetings in Little Rock, but it's still unclear. Others hope they stick around. 
"It's a great town. We have a lot to offer. Maybe we'll bring back the Little Rock Film Festival if we get more celebrities to come by," said Harrell. 
While fans are starstruck, others, not so much. 
"What do you think about J.Lo being in Little Rock last night?" asked reporter Stephanie Sharp. 
"Yeah, I really don't care. If it was a more relevant celebrity I probably would care," said Michaela Janicki. 
It's not J.Lo's first time to Arkansas. She was here for American Idol auditions in 2015. 
Fans hope A-Rod and J.Lo enjoyed their time, and maybe, will come back soon. 
"She can put on a free concert. Oh yeah, I can plan the whole thing," said Harrell. 
Arthur's Steakhouse says it would not comment. However, it did say they have gotten a lot of calls asking about the celebrities last night.

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