LR Central High Site Expansion Approved

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Senate has passed a bill introduced earlier this year in the House calling for the Little Rock Central High National Historic Site Boundary Expansion.

The approval will allow adjusting the boundary of the Site to include the seven homes on South Park St., which consist of 1.47 acres of specified land. 

The Department of the Interior may enter into separate cooperative agreements with the owners of such residences to mark, interpret, improve, restore, and provide technical assistance for the preservation and interpretation of their properties. Such an agreement must include a provision specifying that no changes or alterations shall be made to the exterior of the properties except by mutual agreement, the bill description states.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) on Friday released this statement on the Senate's passage of the bill:
"This is a fitting end to the 60th anniversary year of the Little Rock Nine. Now, future generations of Americans will be able to see exactly how both Little Rock Central High and the surrounding neighborhood looked to those nine brave students on that fateful day when they changed the course of history. This historic site is a precious part of our country's heritage, and it's vital that we preserve it in its entirety."

HB2611 was introduced back in May and passed that side of Congress in September. The measure passed the Senate on Thursday without amendment by Voice Vote.

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