LR Woman Reacts to Finding Lost "Message in a Bottle"

"I just think its really amazing it was found after all these years," she said.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- She didn't know who she was writing to. She didn't know where it would go. 

But, Janie Sigler was certain she'd never see the note again. 

"To whom it concerns:
Hope you're having a great day, your health is good, and you live a long and prosperous life. 
With love,
Larry and Janie, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA."

"I don't know why we didn't put our last name," Janie said. "I guess we just thought no one would ever find it."

Janie and her husband placed the note in a bottle and tossed it overboard during a Caribbean cruise in 2007. A seemingly insignificant gesture, she quickly forgot all about it. 

For five years, the message in a bottle was carried by the ocean's current, long enough to lap the entire Atlantic at least once. 

But washed ashore, and was discovered by an American family vacationing in the British West Indies. 

This Tuesday, Janie got a call from her stepdaughter. 

"She said 'there's a post on Facebook, they found a message in a bottle, and it's signed Larry and Janie, do you think it could be y'all?'" Janie said. 

Self-proclaimed "Message in a Bottle Hunter" Clint Buffington tried for years to find "Larry and Janie from Little Rock" through his blog, after his parents stumbled upon the bottle while beachcombing. This week, he came to us for help. 

"I just think it's really amazing it was found after all these years," Janie said. "And they, in turn, found us." 

Now, more than a decade after Larry and Janie set sail, they have a new souvenir to add to their collection from their travels. 

"Now, it's even more fun," Janie said. "A lot more memories now, since I have my note." 

Bottled up joy, coming full circle...just like the ocean currents that carried it. 

"It was a happy day yesterday, when we got this." 

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