LRPD Closed About 52% of 2017 Homicide Cases To Date

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- LRPD said so far this year they have closed 16 of the 31 homicides cases that have happened in 2017. 

That means detectives are still investigating 15 homicide cases in 2017. 

About 52% of this year's homicide cases are solved, leaving nearly half of the families of victims still looking for answers. 

We talked with one of the families who said their loved one's murder case is unsolved. 

Sabrina Langston said, "We'll always be connected whether in person or spiritually."

She described the special bond she had with her twin brother Troy Langston. She said even 5 months after his murder it is a connection she said is not missing. 

Sabrina said, "These are tears of joy not because I'm sad. It's just my brother lives within me."

What she said is missing is information about what happened to her twin. 

The only thing Troy's two sisters said keeps them going is their faith. 

Troy's oldest sister Charmaine Cook-Johnson said, "I'm adjusting to not having answers but also not having my brother here with me."

Sabrina held onto the last picture the 3 siblings took together. She said they took the picture just months before February when police said someone shot Troy multiple times while he sat in the driver's seat of a car outside his Wolfe Street home. 

Charmaine said, "You feel like that's what you deserve (referring to answers). You lost someone so I need answers to why, why it happened. But you don't get that. That's not real life."

Troy's sisters are just one of 15 families LRPD said they are still trying to find answers for when it comes to 2017 homicides cases. 

With 31 murders to date, that means detectives have closed nearly 52% of the city's homicide cases so far in 2017. 

That is a big difference from two years ago when we reported LRPD closed 84% of the city's 2015 homicide cases. In 2015 there were 31 murders for the entire year, the same number of homicides 2017 has seen in less than 7 months. 

Police said they notice the difference. Detectives still have about 5 months to raise this year's case closed percentage. 

Charmaine said, "I don't know how to feel honestly about that number. All I know is I'm on the side where there are no answers that's all I know."

Five months is about the same amount of time these sisters have been waiting for someone to come forward. 

Sabrina said, "Just know that God is in control and he has the last say so."

According to the FBI's webpage and the most recent data published on their webpage, the national average for closing murder cases in 2015 was about 61%. 

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