LRPD Revamping Recruitment Process

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) is moving forward with changes in its recruitment procedure recommendations several weeks after a consulting draft came down to help with a shortage of about 70 officers. 
Recruiting officials say the department has already added at least three more officers to help process applications. 
The LRPD is also considering re-structuring its written exams and its physical test to help avoid losing qualified candidates who don't meet the 50 percent mark.
"Will we no longer make that a cut-off point, but will we continue the process of those individuals so we can potentially reach the numbers that we need," Sgt. Van Thomas, with the LRPD, said. 
The tests could give applying officers an actual score. The department may also re-format interview questions, and is working on improving branding, including having all officers serve as recruiters for the department.
The LRPD's latest application period runs through March 13. The next two periods begin April 17 and August 1.

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