LRPD Violent Crime Reduction Team Makes Nearly 130 Arrests

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- "Going to be felony warrants, theft of property," Officer Chris Henderson said.

With their sights set on a wanted suspect, officers of the 14 member Little Rock Police Violent Crime Reduction Team roll out Wednesday.

"It's kind of like a cat and mouse game that we're playing with them," Henderson said.

The first stop Wednesday, a search at a Midtown home the suspect is known to stay at.

"This is going to be the house right here," Henderson said.

After confirming he isn't there, the team splits up throughout the neighborhood. 

"We're going to sit up just try to find a good area where we can see him approaching without him seeing us," Henderson said.

It's only a matter of minutes, before they spot another wanted man they've been trying to track down for a month.

A K-9 unit later alerts officers giving them probably cause to search the suspect's car. While no drugs are found, the team takes the man into custody on multiple warrants.

"As far as the execution, that's the best it can get right there," Henderson said.

This arrest makes 127 since the team started six weeks ago.

"It's definitley a weight lifted off because its a lot of time, a lot of resources," Henderson said. 


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