Man Arrested After Firing Shot into Air After PeeWee Basketball Game

SHERIDAN, Ark. - A gunshot was fired outside a peewee basketball game in Sheridan Saturday night after parents said a fan didn't like a referee's calls.

"I just like it. It's fun to me. I like running," said Blake Moris, a 9th grade referee.

It's a sport Moris and his friend Alden Lucas love.

"I like playing with Blake and playing with teammates, it's fun having teammate chemistry and playing together," said Lucas.

They love playing and refereeing the game, which is what they did at the Sheridan Community Center Saturday night.

"We were reffing and they didn't agree with some of the calls, so they decided to get new refs out there," explained

The teens say putting in a new ref didn't change the irate parent's mind.

"All it was, he said something mean and started walking and the dude made sure he left. Then a brawl just started breaking out," said Lucas.

The fight moved outside the Center, which is when the teens said a shot was fired.

It's not clear the shooter's role in the fight, if he was the ref or parent. But the Sheridan Police Department arrested Douglas Nutter for aggravated assault.

Police Chief Bob Adams said the shot that was fired, could be justified.

"He's got every right to defend him and he if what he's saying is true, he didn't direct any deadly physical force toward him, he just fired into the air," said Chief Adams.

While no one was hurt, the teens said there should always be security at large events to protect all fans, and players on the court.

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