Man Refuses to Leave His Burning Home

ALEXANDER, Ark -- Neighbors and first responders jump into action, after a Central Arkansas man seemingly willing to sacrifice himself after his home caught fire.

Flames ripped through the Alexander home, located in 14000 block of Alton Drive, around 10:30 a.m.Thursday, leaving only a charred frame behind.

Cynthia Lona was with her brother, preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, with their grandma, when they heard a loud pop.

"It sounded like fireworks or something like that," said Lona.

Cell phone video shows the billowing smoke that greeted them when they ran outside  

"I thought it was someone burning leaves and stuff, but then we saw the trees starting to burn," said Lona.

About 20 feet away -- their neighbor's house was engulfed in flames.

"We were all crying," said Lona. "It was really scary."

The 12-year-old could hear her neighbor yell.

"He was screaming really loudly," said Lona. "He said truck at least once."

She called 911 while grandma ran to help.

"He said he wanted to burn if we didn't take out his truck because his truck was his life," said Lona.

Fire fighters showed up and pulled the disabled man from his burning home.

Alexander Assistant Fire Chief Noah Harrison said firefighters have an idea of how the house fire sparked.

"If your house caught on fire, you'd be worried about your belongings," said Harrison. "I'd be remiss by not telling the public right now, people need to be very careful about burning their leaves."

Harrison and Lona are glad no one lost their life this Thanksgiving Day.

"Very thankful no one was hurt in this fire, but this could have easily spread to be two or three houses," said Harrison.

"It made me really happy how a bunch of people got together to try to help that man," said Lona.

The homeowner is staying with loved ones and is getting help from Red Cross, for now.


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