Man Says Cell Phone Video Shows Disturbance At Cummins Unit

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ark.-- Two new cell phone videos emerged Monday. A man who said he is a current inmate at Cummins Unit said these two videos show the disturbance that injured three inmates last week in the prison. 

Our reporter talked with two men who said they are locked up in prison at the unit. They said they know what started the disturbance last week. She spoke with them on the phone Monday afternoon while they said they were in the prison. 

We recorded the phone conversation that lasted about 20 minutes with the two men. 

One man said, "I seen it. I walked in the hall all the windows in the hallways and the cameras are busted down this hallway right now."

A different man said, "Just to get something done in here we just act bad. If we don't just trying to talk about it or write them about it they ain't going to show us no attention. But if we act bad then they (the guards) start going crazy."

The men did not want to tell us their names fearing retaliation. 

The second man we talked with said, "So if we have to continue to show violence and it's really like the way we're looking at it right now but if we don't have to that's why we're calling you."

WE asked the Arkansas Department of Corrections if they could verify these videos were taken from inside Cummins. 

ADC Spokesperson Solomon Graves responded with, "We are attempting to compare the video clips against available surveillance footage from the Cummins disturbance. However, our initial review does indicate that the footage is consistent with the barrack’s layout at Cummins."

One man who said he's an inmate said, "The hallways all boarded up the windows boarded up."

The men said the violence last week that left 3 inmates injured in the unit will not stop until conditions change inside. 

One man asked our reporter, "How do you think I'm talking to you right now ma'am? 

When our reporter replied, "On a cell phone?"

The same man replied, "Ya that a warden sold me for $500."

We asked Graves about that allegation too. 

Graves said, " Those allegations are not supported by any facts available to the Department. The Warden and staff at Cummins are dedicated correctional professionals who strive to serve the Department and State of Arkansas with honor and integrity."

One man said, "I'm with the movement but I prefer to get help because I don't have (much) longer."

One man described roaches in the food and mold in the unit. 

ADC replied with, " The allegations of roaches in the food or “black mold” in the Unit are not supported by any facts available to (the) unit. Allegations of either would be immediately investigated by the appropriate staff. Please note that ADC facilities are regularly inspected and monitored by the Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Quality. A search of grievances from Cummins does not reflect that an inmate has seen a roach in their food."

Graves said there have been no more disturbances since last Thursday. He added the three injured inmates have returned to the prison. 

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