Man Tracks Wife's Stolen Car

DARDANELLE, Ark.- A Dardanelle man made it his mission to track down his wife's car after it was stolen from their home. 

In late July, Jared Everette says his wife's purse, wallet and keys were stolen out of her car in the driveway of their Dardanelle home.

"Woke up to a text message from our credit card companies stating that our credit card was possibly fraudulently used in Morrilton," says Everette. 

He did some sleuthing.  Everette went to the gas station where the card was used.  After looking at surveillance video he found his wife's wallet in the trash can.

Fast forward to Monday, September 11th.  Everette went outside to leave for work and noticed his wife's car was gone.

"I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit," says Everette.  "I didn't think they'd come back and take it, and they did."

He activated a tracking device on his wife's red Dodge Challenger and traced it to Conway where a buddy of his saw it leaving a parking lot. 

His friend followed it trying to get Arkansas State Police involved until the car and another car following it disappeared.

Everette already on the road, tracked it again, this time in Little Rock.  He called police.

"They fussed at me for tracking my own car," says Everette. "Told me that it wasn't safe."

Everette says officers asked him if he had keys, when he said yes, they told him to get in the car and drive away.

"It shell shocked me.  It threw me for a loop," says Everette. "I did not expect it."

Neither did his wife when he pulled up at their house with the car, but they're just glad to have it back.

Everette took the car immediately to Dardanelle police to be processed. 

Dardanelle and Little Rock police are working together following leads but so far no arrests.

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