Narcotics Investigation Leads to Guns & "Large Quantities" of Ammunition

LONOKE COUNTY, Ark.-- Sheriff deputies arrested a man they said is a convicted felon who had the ingredients to make meth, stocked nearly a dozen guns and had a "large" amount of ammunition. 

Deputies arrested 47-year-old Bobby Evans Friday night after serving a search warrant outside Cabot. 

We met neighbors who live off GW Lane near Gun Club Road on Saturday. 

A high school senior told us there was something different about cranking up his four-wheeler this Saturday. 

Klint Pollizzie said, "Like a real pressure is relieved. (It's) Off of me as a person."

Klint and his family live off a one lane, gravel, Lonoke County Road where the sound of gunshots usually do not make locals flinch. 

He said, "I just heard some bang bang bang and the zip of the bullets overhead. It was just insane."

For the first time in years, the highschooler described feeling safe walking to the dead end. 

Klint said, "There've been a lot of people that wandered onto our property they even shot at us at some points. It's  been really unsafe but I'm really glad they're gone now."

We met Captain David Bufford at the Sheriff's Department Saturday. 

He said, "A few days ago we received a tip for selling narcotics."

After staking out that dead end road, Captain David Bufford said they found a convicted felon with nearly a dozen guns, stocked with ingredients to make meth, drugs but that was not all. 

"Ammunition. Anywhere from 22 rounds, rifle rounds and everything in between," Captain Bufford told us. 

One neighbor told our reporter Price McKeon that he saw at least 25 different cars in one day drive down the road to the dead end where Evans lived. Another neighbor told us that 25 cars would have meant it was a slow day. 

The sheriff department's special enforcement unit and narcotics investigators arrested Bobby Evans Friday night after serving a search warrant. 

Bufford said, "If you're selling narcotics we're going to put you in prison. Narcotics with firearms? Now you've carried it to a new level and hopefully, we will put you in prison to where you don't get out."

It was a new Saturday and a drive in his four-wheeler the high school senior won't forget. 

"It's definitely a new chapter. I'd say having these people gone." Klint told us. 

Deputies said they found what appeared to be marijuana, ingredients to make meth and prescription pills inside Evans' place. 

Sheriff deputies said Bobby Evans was arrested on several felony charges including Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons, Simultaneous Possession of Firearms and Drugs, Possession of Schedule II and VI Controlled Substances, Maintaining a Drug Premises, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia with Intent to Manufacture Methamphetamine.

He sits in the Lonoke County Jail Saturday night with no bail. 

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